How About A New MariaDB Adapter?

Yes I agree with you. It’s the core layer which I plan to use as it takes raw queries. One reason I like and recommend sqlalchemy is that it does not try to be another query language.


I have opened a PR. (View on Github)


I have made progress. Apparently, there was still an exiting import from mysqldb which was causing the problem. Now, the failure is in bench reinstall --yes. It says

pymysql.err.InternalError: (1054, u"Unknown column 'content_hash' in 'field list'")


My understanding, Problem while inserting File DocType.

content_hash is a field on File DocType

I found the problem. PyMySQL is not quite the drop-in replacement for MySQLdb it should be. There’s quite a lot of differences which is causing the bumps. For example, exceptions that were thrown as MySQLdb.OperationalError are thrown in pymysql as pymysql.InternalError. After going through the code, I discovered that this is the exact cause of the problem as DbTable.validate looks for error -1054 in OperationalError while I had changed it to pymysql.OperationalError. I have pushed the fix to upstream. I’m presently trying to change all such occurrences.