Frappe Cloud Support Partners Foundation Frappe School updated but scheduled job not running

erpnext v13-beta


  1. Custom app created and working fine.
  2. updated with adding the scheduled job on hourly basis
  3. restarted bench and wait for the scheduled task to run.

The scheduled task does not run.
Site is set for enable-scheduler
Scheduled Job Log does not show any errors
Scheduled Job Type does not list the newly added scheduled job to the list

Go to bench console:

In [1]: from frappe.core.doctype.scheduled_job_type.scheduled_job_type import sync_jobs
In [2]: sync_jobs()
In [3]: frappe.db.commit()

The scheduled job type will now show the newly added scheduled job
The scheduled job will run and show in scheduled job log.

Hope it helps others.

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Or you can just run

bench migrate