Help on wrong Initial stock entry

Hi all,
I have made the below transactions

  1. Created the item with qty 2,584 Kg, selling at 2,800 which said the value is 7,235,200.
    The kg should have been 2.584 reason the high value. Now after that a selling was done with 2.584 Kg which should have resulted in 0 Kg available…
    So after the SI I did a reconciliation without noticing the high value that was given to the product and made the Kg 0.

Now on accounts the trial balance shows the 7,235,200 that does not exists, my question is how to have this value corrected and show 7,235.2 value?

Make another Stock Reconciliation?

The problem is that the wrong value is still showing on trial balance… I could cancel the selling and after cancel the wrong stock entry but that is a lot to do… If i do the Dá-me mistake with other products

As i said … i had to cancel all SI related to the item and cancel the Entries too…
Recreate the Stock entry with the correct Qtd and value…

Now the issue was that the canceled SI when trying to Emend even with the Qtd available in Stock was saying still need 2.584Kg to proceed.

I think the BIN or any other table is not reviewing or checking the Stock available.

I had to create a new SI and comment the reason.