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Helm database username issue

Deployed a new helm release using frappe/erpnext. The release deploys as expected, all containers are running. Then I use the add-site yaml to deploy a new site. In the yaml file, there’s a name-value pair with the name DB_ROOT_USER. The value in the example file is set to ‘root’. I’m deploying on rds so my default ‘root’ user is ‘admin’.

With the value left to root, site creation fails with 'Access denied for user ‘root’@‘xx.xx.xx.xx’. This is as expected since ‘root’ is not the correct username. However, setting the value to ‘admin’ and attempting site deployment results in (1049, “Unknown database ‘admin’”).

I’ve tried this a few times with consistent results. Has anyone run into this?

how did you set it?

you can either exec into the container and run bench new-site command don’t forget --mariadb-no-socket or set the environment variable DB_ROOT_USER

make sure you follow this

following need to be set in site config

"rds_db": 1,

I can setup AWS RDS and create new site if you can share credentials/kubeconfig

I’m using the ‘[create new site job]( -)’. For name ‘DB_ROOT_USER’, I set the value to admin. With root, it seems to run normally (except for the expected permission issue). With admin, I get the aforementioned error where it looks like it’s trying to name the db ‘admin’.

try to exec into container and run the bench new-site --mariadb-no-socket ... command

also, did you set rds_db: 1?