Healthcare Roadmap

I am thinking of a slow implementation of the ERPnext Healthcare module which could fit with an evolving healthcare facility. However, I am cautious of starting on a journey without a reasonably clear roadmap.

Can anyone give me some clarity on this?

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Thanks for your interest in the domain. please join the healthcare module volunteers in gitter to collaborate with the development team.
At present we have not yet formalised a clear roadmap, it would be great if you can put forward your suggestions.
Here are some of the planned features in discussion

  • Standardize Naming according to industry specifications
  • Clinical Procedures, appointments (in progress)
  • Insurance claims
  • Facility management
  • Employee Shifts, scheduling etc.
  • In Patient management
  • Billing Dashboards
  • RIS Interoperability
  • Compliance to possible regulatory standards


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