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Healthcare - about Practitioner Schedule


I just start to implement and evaluate ErpNext healthcare domain recently, and see is that possible apply into chinese medicine area.

I am using v12 currently, but I found hard to make the appointment flexible enough.

for example, (in our real case), let said,

  • is a master company
    it has 3 branches for example, branches1, branches2, branches3

    Practitioners may assign to different branches, for example:
    13/Jan-15/Jan - Practitioner1 assign to branches1
    16/Jan - 31/Jan, Mon,Wed,Fri - Practitioner1, Practitioner2 assign to branches2

    it seems that combination not possible, so when nurse try to make appointment to patient schedule:
    this may lead to potential issue as:

    • nurse can check Practitioner available schedule but, it can’t check the correct branches assignment and status.
may I know is that any possible way to help ?




is that any update ? may I get any help please


@Lawes_Chan At the moment, Practitioner Schedule doesn’t support this.

For the time being, you can write a custom doctype to store this information and when appointment is being created, you can check for the availability and show a message.

@ChillarAnand thanks but actually I am lack of that skill, so implement or debug any coding make me headache.

I wish such features can be developed in upcoming feature, that should be a normal situation and real case in common.