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The ability to have “headers” and “footers” printed at the top and bottom of every page of a multi page document is a requirement for majority of businesses. Not only does it help the document flow better, but also creates a more professional appearance.

Can you please provide cost for a paid development to allow this feature, as well as duration?

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Thanks! There is already a Letter Head option. If we can add a footer section to letterhead that will be shown along with the letter head on every page, will that work? Can your company sponsor $100 for that?

@rmehta As css is not geared towards printing, apart from having limitations like setting up of footer, a lot of things are not printed as per expectation specially if you have lot of line items with big descriptions.

Can’t we make use of jasper reports as default for printing? It gives lot of flexibility in printing and I believe there is a plugin also available albeit in beta stage.



Thanks for your reply. Our company is interested to sponsor development of the “header/footer” feature. However, I would like to clarify a few issues before moving forward.

In the current version (V6.2.0) the “header” only appears at the top of the first page of a document. Please see below example.

In order to place the header on top of each single page, a “page break” must be inserted manually. If printing a 20 page document this would become extremely tedious. It should also be noted that the user must guess where the page break should be inserted. Please see below example with “page break” inserted.

Ideally, the header and footer would be printed at the very top and bottom of every single page without having to insert a page break.

If the examples are not clear enough, please advise and I will provide additional clarifications and/or examples.

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@sellisjr yeah, header and footer should come on every page if you did not add page-break (manually)


Yes, exactly. Header and footer automatically inserted on top/bottom of every page of a document.

This can be implemented for $100 USD?



@rmehta Please advise when you get a chance.

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@sellisjr I guess I already said yes!

If you want to sponsor this, send us a mail at hello@erpnext.com and we will send you a paypal invoice

@rmehta is it not possible to provide this multi-page Letter-head/footer facility to all the erpnext users?

Sponsored development will be available for all users.

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We are interested in contributing to this development, anyone willing to split the costs?

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Lets do this. Please email your ids to hello@erpnext.com

We will bill $50 each

@rmehta @cpurbaugh

When can we start this?

I had sent a mail, but received no details to make the payment .

Did not get your email. Can you post again?

My invoice was cancelled saying that this is not possible in the current framework. So are there any options at this point?

@cpurbaugh there is a way, but its going to be a lot trickier than what we though. It would mean a redesign of the way we handle print html and pdf. Not sure it can be done in $100 though. Also its not a real frequent request.

@rmehta Could you give me a quote for the redesign though?

Alright, so we have @cpurbaugh, @sellisjr, @Amit_Saxena, @Ramgopal_Rao, @Tanuj and myself who seem in some way willing to sponsor the development of a customizable header/footer feature that will be printed on every page.

If we had the ERPNext.org foundation I would scrape together the money through that and order the implementation from us all together. I guess @rushabh_mehta you have to find a way to split this 6 ways if everybody picks up a bit.

How much is the implementation going to cost and how do you want to bill this to us?

Sidenote, this is also an open ticket https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/issues/3994


Now we need a kickstarter campaign :smile:

Ok, thats enough motivation, we will try and build this. You can pay what you want.

Caveats: This will work only for PDF. There is no way this can be done for HTML formats.

The problem is that Print format and PDF generation are separate and we will have to make a way to not show letterhead in print format if it will be shown in PDF in such a way that it does not affect existing print format API (because a lot of print formats are already built on this and people get very very annoyed if there is even a slight change in print format!)

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