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GST Readiness India

  1. Is it possible to currently activate/deactivate fields in a doctype based on a setting selected by a user?
  2. This will quickly run into mariadb row/column limitations as more and more country specific requirements are added.

Thats better!! As a separate app it may not get enough attention!

Filing endpoints needs Digital Signature Certificate or Electronic Signature for signing data to be filed.

Will have to explore ESPs available e.g.


This blog post is a great (simplified) visual of how the GSTR reports correlate with each other



Overview Roles,

Eligibility criteria changed for GSP:

I don’t know whether Foundation can be GSP. @prakash
Anyone eligible interested to partner with MN Technique contact @riddhimaan

Eligible GSP register here before 5th May 2017,

Proof of concept GSP Frappe app ready (shared before)

Register on gstn for clientid client-secret.
google group google form link shared on this thread.

Add Client Id and Client Secret in GST API Settings, Generate an app key and save settings:

Map frappe user to GSP User:

Success with :
get_otp(), OTP is sent to registered mobile. e.g. 123456
authenticate_otp(otp=“123456”) results in valid token
use token to get_gstr1_b2b_data, get_gstr1_summary, save_gstr1_data, submit_gstr1_data, file_gstr1
decrypt_response with token data and response data.

4+ mb 12604 HSN code fixtures:

All requests made from gsp are stored:



Does it mean all self hosted ERPNext will have to move to ERP hosted by Frappe or other GSP to be GST complaint?

No, GSP doesn’t host any ERP. Any ERPNext or Taxpayer App will need some GSP to communicate to GSTN. Most of the established ERPs are building their own GSP.

We need Frappe friendly GSP, then any instance of ERPNext can connect to that GSP.

Provided, Taxpayer app doesn’t have to sign the payload using e-sign.
(One use case says session key is enough, while filing API says payload to be signed using e-sign or digital signature certificate.)

Given an opportunity to be GSP, frappe app can fully support registration of OAuth Client for self hosted as well as cloud instances. i.e. integrate filing within any ERPNext.

Communication / Authentication algorithm between GSP and Taxpayer App (ERPNext instance) is out of scope of GSTN. There are basic DOs and DON’Ts in Annexure

All this GSP API is for seamless integration.

Easy step can be, export CSV go to GSTN Portal and manually upload and file. But that is not how Tally will do it!


Some simple changes needed in ERPNext may be

  1. Have provision for GST No/ Tax ID to be captured at Customer and Supplier Level
  2. Add GST Number column in Sales Invoice, Supplier Invoice reports so at least a CSV dump with required data is available and can be given to GSP
  3. Synch up State data with state codes provided by GST
  4. Tally probably has huge revenue turnover required to be GSP, which we may not have at this point unless some big customer of ERPNext signs up to be a GSP :slight_smile:

For GST readiness, I believe the rough Phase 1 outline should be the following

  1. Generate GSTR1 GSTR2, GSTR3 from ERPNext directly. Users can generate the forms from ERPNext in the format required by the GSTN portal. Then, users can upload the reports to the portal manually.
  2. Build tools that allow users to reconcile reports like GSTR1A and GSTR2A. Users would download the report manually from the GSTN portal. Then, they can upload the report into ERPNext where they can do the reconciliation and generate the required outputs.

For Phase 2, we can consider using APIs to connect to GSPs. I think we should treat GSPs like we treat Email or Payment providers - build an integration and users can sign up with their GSP of choice and use ERPNext. (Hopefully individuals in the community would take up the challenge of building integrations for at least a few of the 30+ GSPs currently).

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is anyone in the ERPNext community currently that both desires to be a GSP and also meets the requirements.


This is a good summary. Is this the agreed approach and is phase 1 on schedule to be implemented in ERP prior to GST going live in July?

Any update on when the phase 1 will be implemented?


Exactly,it should be the departments unnecessarily makes it complicated for businesses.Have you seen the model GST Invoice?

This post can help you

What is the update on the development???

When can we expect the roll out??

Hi, this services are complaints with global models? Do you have some working example is digital signature working??