Good quality demo data, eg. ''WIND POWER LLC'' download

Good quality demo data helps us to learn the system better. Unfortunately that is not included in erpnext.

I saw several videos that include the ‘‘WIND POWER LLC’’ demo data.
I like the demo data because it has images of products.
Where can we download this demo data?

Maybe it is a good idea to add this data to the demo website too, and offer it as a choice when setting up your own erpnext.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Will check and update you soon.




Hi Prakash,

Please have you any word on this? is most handy, but for serious demos its ‘business case’ changes at each session - so one has to adlib, online response can be an issue, and modules like Setup limits are off limits.

@KanchanChauhan has been working on this too

I look forward to a demo on Tuesday

@prakash1 @pee & @KanchanChauhan

Back in version 7 you had a demo local install problem question.

With the recent release of version 8, the demo install has been fixed!

Please refer to for good demo data. For the suggestion of restoring database of Windpower in the demo or your test account, please create a Github Issue.

Is there a way to load demo data on ERPNext 12?

Note these pointers:

ERROR When Install Demo Data

Sample data for and own deployments