Github Issue Created: Warehouse Renaming - Account Doesn't Rename - Doesn't Allow Addition of Parent Warehouse


Installation of ERPNext using OracleVM Box on a windows machine.

  1. Issue-

1.1 Before Renaming
Warehouse Tree -> Warehouses - Warehouse 1 (is a group) - Warehouse Child 1 (is not a group)

When I click Warehouse 1 and click add child, I am able to add a child warehouse.

1.2 After Renaming Warehouse 1 (e.g If i renamed Warehouse 1 to Warehouse 2)
Warehouse Tree becomes -> Warehouses - Warehouse 2 (is a group) - Warehouse Child 1 (is not a group)

When I click Warehouse 2 and click add child (Warehouse 3) I get the following error:

Account Warehouse 3:Parent Account Warehouse 2 does not exist

Hence, It prevents me from creating child warehouses.

  1. What I see under accounts (Not sure if this is the issue)

Accounts - Application of Funds - Current Assets - Stock Assets - Warehouse 1 - Warehouse Child 1

@arghya.basu Thanks for reporting the issue, will check this asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Any update on this.

Hey @saurabh6790 , could you kindly suggest a resolution for this, or if there’s a better way to do it.

@arghya.basu We will try to fix this with Version 7.1. Please create a git issue so we can track it.

Ok, i have added. -

Thanks for your reply.


we have fixed the issue via

Awesome!!!, thank you so much. Could you kindly share how do i update this in my production server.