Git Help - Sync my repo (frappe fork) to latest frappe repo

  1. I forked manual_erpnext_com.
  2. Got app from my repo instead of frappe repo ‘‘bench get-app manual_erpnext_com’’
  3. Installed it on local bench site as described in readme.
  4. Made changes and commit
  5. Sent pull request
  6. Got merged

Now after some time my repo (revant/manual_erpnext_com) shows it is behind by some commits

How do I sync my repo to latest frappe/manual_erpnext_com?
Tried reading online about git couldn’t understand.


Go to manual_erpnext_com, and pull updates using git pull master

[recomeded way]

set upstream to
set origin to

Before pushing to origin,
1. pull updates from upstream
2. resolve conflicts & recommit
3. push to origin & send pull req

New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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git remote add upstream
git pull --rebase upstream master

If you find conflicts, then resolve them in the file and then

git add .
git rebase --continue
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