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German discounter Lidl kills SAP project aft 7 years of trying


does anybody dare to pitch?


They spend 7 Years and 500M Euros. I believe that SAP strictly forces managers to operate their business in their way, not their traditional way. We have lots of failed implementations with SAP in Turkey.
I believe that SAP is developed by German engineering in mind. It should be perfect in every angle. But business, especially manufacturing and sales operations are entirely different stories. You can’t create master data and expect them to last 2 years. Business is something different.


German Engineering stopped being perfect a while ago.
The still unfinished Berlin Airport (BER) has gained meme status.


@ValS :slight_smile: really?


Yes, I could link you a bunch of German newspapers, but leave it at that.
Even here in Switzerland, which is also very precise, more and more companies are unhappy with SAP and would like to ditch it, but it’s difficult to get rid of, once you have it installed.


ERPNext can gain attraction from companies which suffer from SAP’s strictness.


yes, i’m sure.