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Generate Report by Custom Format


i need to generate single report by category wise from different tables. Is it possible?
Please refer the below format.

Report Category
Category : A
S.No Name Category value
1 name1 A 1
2 name2 A 1
3 name3 A 1
Total 3
Category : B
S.No Name Category value
1 name1 B 1
2 name2 B 2
3 name3 B 1
Total 4
Category : C
S.No Name Category value
1 name1 C 1
2 name2 C 2
3 name3 C 2
Total 5


You can use script Report for that.


ya right, its not showing by category wise. all data are collapsed



I’m assuming this is the end result you want, if yes then explore Profit and Loss Statement Report’s code.


ya like that i need . thank you. where can i get the script.



see both python and js scripts