General Ledger report not working

hello . as you can see in the screenshot , filtering the report by account is not working .
what is the problem

It looks like it’s working to me. The only records I see is the filtered “1149000000” account

I think that the account selected is a Group and maybe it is showing the childs too? Can you confirm if it is in face a group?

@dj12djdjs hello , thanks for replying . first one is 114800 and others at the rest of the report

hello , thank you for your reply . No , the “is group” check box is unchecked .

From “Report Builder” please check “LFT” and “RGT” field values for the accounts for which you are generating General Ledger.

@pioneerpathan hello , thank you for your reply . can you please be more specific.

@pioneerpathan they do indeed have the same lft and rgt . what happens if I change the values ? is it something related to the tree ?

Go to report view of the “Account” docType. There you can see two fields: LFT and RGT. These are basically indexes to build tree structure of accounts. I am assuming there will be some wrong ordering of indexes for accounts. For more details, please visit the topic: Issue in LFT and RGT update for few accounts in Charts of Accounts and not shown in the Balance Sheet report

which I had posted once I encountered a problem.

@pioneerpathan thank you very much . is it okay to change the values ?

I think, you first find out whether LFT and RGT indexes are incorrect or not? If it is then I will suggest you a workaround to resolve the issue.