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Gate Pass Module

Gate Pass :- 1. Returnable Gate pass
2. Non-Returnable Gate pass.

How we can do this ??? no Link with Any module
Just Simple material will go out of Company which is returnable material status should be pending and once that material is received will closed that gate pass Status is Received…
but when Material Received user will check for partial receive and full Received .
any solution for this ?

Non-Returnable gate pass No track Required.


Can you please explain use case in detail? What is this material?
Gate Pass does not seems appropriate for it, gate pass sounds like something you need to enter some secure premises.

No No not secure.

Just Simple take ex. Emp will take material from store for outside use it could be anything but that material will come again to store. just for outgoing / incoming material track we need gate pass to show that gate pass entrance of Company Watchman.

if emp will take 2 volt meter from store

store will not issue that volt meter instead he is make gate pass of that is Returnable gate pass
when Emp goes out of company watch will check and proceed further… More over Emp will come again and submit volt meter to store again and store responsibility to check two volt meter is returning and closed that gate pass .
in case Suppose emp will return only one volt meter gate pass will not be closed . it shows something is pending… and store manager will take declension on it

Please update

Any Update on this?? @dineshpanchal432 How did you managed this situation ??

I think it should not be a module. It just sample piece/sample item that delivers to the customer and returns it back to the supplier on the same day or any other day. Nobody issue sales invoice/ delivery note for that. It just the formality to show watchman that some material brought outside the company and it need to bring it back.

And some times, for Urgent Delivery Gate pass is created, and Sales Invoice created later on.

I am curious to know too.

The use case as : i understand is customers give material, which is worked upon by a manufacturer and gives it back. The reference for that material is recorded on a “Gate Pass” which can also be a Delivery Challan with ZERO valuation.

I am not sure if anyone has handled this well and i am looking for some thoughts on this.

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This is not simple as you think. Many of office have restriction, to allow any office material for any purpose. There are some use cases as follows, I had learned earlier.

  1. Some of the machinery got damaged, the mechanic arrived and told, I need it alongside me for service, at their workstation. Mechanic allowed to take it with a permission, product/machine damaged will return to premises back after repairing. In this case, the authority will permit this case as “Returnable Gate Pass”. Only after, watchmen will allow to either bring back or take it.

  2. Let’s say, I’m some furniture manufacturer, have a very big order, but sometimes I have to create a prototype of any project and have to furnish it to the client for demonstration. So, Sample Product will not be going to return at premises. Hence, the authority will grant “Non-returnable Gate Pass”.

This was a particular scenario for above discussion.

But, On the other hand, it can be also used as Employee Gate Pass/Out Pass. Like, employee 1 had arrived at office premises, but due to certain personal work, he needs a break of 2 hours. Something like, office arrival time at 9am, while outpass requesting for 11:clock1130: to 01:clock130: (11:30-01:30)!! In that case, he requests something like leave application, for 2hours instead half day or full day, but certain restriction there, like a limit on gate pass through-out the month or weeks.

HR can track, total hours used as Gate Pass throughout month or weeks.

ok…good. You need to separate employee gate pass from material gate pass. For the reasons you mentioned above. Employee Gate Pass is a tracker for hours, which you can ignore or take into consideration while make a payslip. But material you really need to keep track. Imagine if you are in precious metal business or even heavy materials like steel etc…you need to keep track where it is.


We have done this module, Its very simple module which we made.

In GST rule Gate Pass ( Returnable / Non-Returnable ) is rename with Delivery Challan.

We have created two Series RGP ( Returnable GP ) NRGP (Non-Returnable GP )

With above Mentioned Screenshot with these details Material Will be out from Company and when same Material is received back with Challan No OR Gate Entry No. User will Mark Check Box
Is Received.

Am still working on it , that is all the items Fetched from Purchase Order. and when Supplier Supply Material to us. That is Purchase Receipt and when Purchase Receipt is Submitted automatically respective Delivery Challan is closed.


Hi Dinesh, So you took delivery note and made copies of the doctype renamed it gate pass?
It that how you managed it? Would be great to know.
Thanks for your inputs.

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No … it’s totally different from Delivery Note … We have made totally separately.

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Would you be willing to contribute it to the core? Thanks


Will you share your module with us, its badly needed

Just saw this thread. We also had a requirement for a Gate Pass doctype for material that is sent out and has to be returned after some time (e.g. Machine sent for repairing, etc.). We have made a doctype for Gate Pass with two series, incoming and outgoing. Outgoing gate pass can be returnable or non-returnable. If the gate pass is outgoing and returnable, upon submission its status changes to Pending. Once the material is received against it, the status changes to Returned. We have also kept an option for Stock Effect (checkbox). If checked, the stock ledger is affected. If not checked, there is no stock effect. Let me know if you require this. Will be happy to contribute it back to the core.

Note that the reference doctypes that can be selected as of now are Customer/Supplier. Employee gate pass is not covered as of now.

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Anyone who can explain it to me that how to achieve this ?

Do you have this on github?

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No and we really need it

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Hi Dinesh,
we have same requirement as from our store many time we give material for trials currently we are managing custom printed returnable Callahan for tracing the returnable material status
if material is not received in the mentioned time frame or not in a good condition we make sale bill of it and close the transaction but till time in system there is no trace that item is not present on the storage space or stock status in erp and physical stock is not matching how we should address the issue in the latest version of erpnext