Gantt Chart -Viewing 2 or more projects together in a single screen

We are a signboard manufacturer and our most tasks and projects take only hours but not days. Under such circumstances an opportunity to look at few projects together on a single screen in the Gantt Chart provides a grater opportunity to the production /project manager to fill the unproductive gaps between similar tasks of different projects.
Is there any possibility to look at 2 or more projects which runs simultaneously in one screen?

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I’d thought that this would not be possible by default because you are kind of forced to enter a specific project.

however… I accidentally found out that once you scroll down in the selection field for projects to “advanced search” all existing tasks of the chosen period appear (independently from the project they belong to.
Now when you “close” the search without having entered any term you can see all tasks at once.

I don’t think that this is designed to do that but more like a collateral behavior (which seems to work well for your case). Just that you only have the choice to either see everything or one project only.

@rmehta would it make sense to filter for several projects instead of only 1 in the search bar of the gantt view?