Frontmatter 3.0.5 has requirement PyYAML==3.13

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aim using the docker installation from

But running into a installation error:

ERROR: frontmatter 3.0.5 has requirement PyYAML==3.13, but you’ll have pyyaml 5.1.1 which is incompatible.

what can i do to pin down a specific version or how can i fix this?


anyone else having this issue?

Try running bench setup requirements

No good.

I am also facing the same issue, please let me know if you find any solution

Have you tried installing PyYAML==3.13 which is clearly stated as a requirement in the error message?

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yes tried this. but didnt work, Gave the same error message

Did you uninstall 5.1.1?

can you please tell how to un-install 5.1.1.? I am not able find this .

I also tried "sudo pip install --ignore-installed PyYAML==3.13

Have you found a solution @itsdipak?

Same error in debian stretch.
I don’t see any bug for this, where frontmatter is used ?

I deleted the installed bench and then re-install using
git clone bench-repo
pip install --user -e bench-repo
bench init frappe-bench
sudo python --develop --python python3

While installing i also got error related to testfm , resolve running below script.
$ sudo apt-get install gfortran libatlas-base-dev liblapack-dev python-dev build-essential

(Note: I was installing python3 ERPNEXT V12 ) Finally up and running now :slight_smile:

Hope this help!

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what is the solution of this i am facing same issue while doing setup
please help


Bump guys, I’m getting this now

I contacted the maintainer for frontmatter and he has made a release for 3.0.6. He should soon be making a PYPI release for the same as well, post that we can update that in frappe too.