Frappe Schools. Screencast Preview

Hello all. @neilLasrado has been working hard on a new extension to ERPNext for Schools and Colleges. Here is a preview:


Great work, this is inspiring for me as I really want to build either a component to the Projects functionality, or a frappe app for managing resources and replace our spreadsheet with ERPNext.

Keep it up, what an awesome community here!


@DrTrills: Likewise, I can’t apply the academics to what I use ERPNext for, but the course scheduling looked like a powerful unit, and would be excited to see it implemented in other aspects. Dispatching?

Looks awesome. Keep up the great work!


@superlack yeah I agree. Its weird because the functionality of ERPNext is so close to our needs out of the box. But just not completely there which can get tricky and will require custom work.

What I basically need to do is spend more time with the tasks functionality of Projects, or copy it with slight modifications so I can assign employees to projects with start/end dates, as well as reminders for when resources start/end projects and run a report to see past projects, past resources on a project, and generate a report for new starts that week.

If this type of functionality is something others would be interested in, i’d be interested in coding together(I’m not that great), or maybe we can pool resources together to have it built professionally.

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Hi Neil, my compliments. I would concentrate on administration & finance, no further. Moodle is the dominant player for academic content, and used world wide at educational institutes. Understand that this is a sponsored assignment and may be you shld discuss the interfacing with Moodle with your sponsor
rgds Robert

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Hi @neilLasrado,
Its Awesome!
Hats Off to you man!


@becht_robert this is primarily aimed at administration along with ERPNext.

Moodle does not do course scheduling.

Maybe we can do LMS if this attracts a larger community.


@rmehta Just came across this. We have been scouting the market for LMS but nothing would beat a LMS module that is part of ERPNext.We can contribute in development if the team can guide us. Would you consider moving this forward?


@kirthi sure. Can you setup a quick skype call with @neilLasrado on this?

The basic school admin is ready, would love help to portalify this - student applications, enrollment, viewing schedules etc.

Edit: Will ask Neil to ping you.