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Frappe Hack: Links using related title, instead of name

@max_morais_dmm Hi there, and sorry to keep bothering you.

Seems there are some issue on the title_link app. On PO, in the child Item table it displays the Item Code, see pic:

while opening the row it works properly:

it could be a V7 issue? If possible, can u please have a look at that?

Thanks a lot

@JoEz, I dont tested it in v7 due I’m working in a stable version!

@JoEz, report an issue in my app repository, I’ll work on this soon! I’ll turn it a manageable option, with a settings doctype, to you choice which doctypes should use the title in links and wich should not.

@max_morais_dmm …added issues to ur project. Thx for help

Can someone help me to get rid of this issue please? I have installed both of @max_morais_dmm and @Pau_Rosello 's app with erpnext. But I have ended up with many errors. I wrote a custom query from which I fetched autocomplete lists of child table’s values of a specific group of items. When I select another field except name(from my returned query) it replaced with a null value. I think this issue needs to be solved into the erpnext so that we can select any other field rather than name of a doctype in the child field. Thanks in advance.

Title Links from @max_morais_dmm with ERPNext v12 support: Title Links


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: @zikrimarquel