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Frappe Hack: Links using related title, instead of name

@max_morais_dmm Hi there, and sorry to keep bothering you.

Seems there are some issue on the title_link app. On PO, in the child Item table it displays the Item Code, see pic:

while opening the row it works properly:

it could be a V7 issue? If possible, can u please have a look at that?

Thanks a lot

@JoEz, I dont tested it in v7 due I’m working in a stable version!

@JoEz, report an issue in my app repository, I’ll work on this soon! I’ll turn it a manageable option, with a settings doctype, to you choice which doctypes should use the title in links and wich should not.

@max_morais_dmm …added issues to ur project. Thx for help

Can someone help me to get rid of this issue please? I have installed both of @max_morais_dmm and @Pau_Rosello 's app with erpnext. But I have ended up with many errors. I wrote a custom query from which I fetched autocomplete lists of child table’s values of a specific group of items. When I select another field except name(from my returned query) it replaced with a null value. I think this issue needs to be solved into the erpnext so that we can select any other field rather than name of a doctype in the child field. Thanks in advance.

Title Links from @max_morais_dmm with ERPNext v12 support: Title Links


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: @zikrimarquel

Getting this error when tried to to install the app on frappe V13.
Is it required to try and setup on V12?

$ ./env/bin/pip install -q -U -e ./apps/title_links
ERROR: Command errored out with exit status 1:
command: /Users/atulkuruvilla/Documents/Code/frappe-dev/frappe-bench/env/bin/python3.8 -c ‘import sys, setuptools, tokenize; sys.argv[0] = ‘"’"’/Users/atulkuruvilla/Documents/Code/frappe-dev/frappe-bench/apps/title_links/’"’"’; file=’"’"’/Users/atulkuruvilla/Documents/Code/frappe-dev/frappe-bench/apps/title_links/’"’"’;f=getattr(tokenize, ‘"’"‘open’"’"’, open)(file);’"’"’\r\n’"’"’, ‘"’"’\n’"’"’);f.close();exec(compile(code, file, ‘"’"‘exec’"’"’))’ egg_info --egg-base /private/var/folders/hg/fr1tjds53zl84cttt7c8l9_c0000gn/T/pip-pip-egg-info-2r9s5z9x
cwd: /Users/atulkuruvilla/Documents/Code/frappe-dev/frappe-bench/apps/title_links/
Complete output (7 lines):
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
File “/Users/atulkuruvilla/Documents/Code/frappe-dev/frappe-bench/apps/title_links/”, line 22, in
install_requires=[str(ir.req) for ir in requirements],
File “/Users/atulkuruvilla/Documents/Code/frappe-dev/frappe-bench/apps/title_links/”, line 22, in
install_requires=[str(ir.req) for ir in requirements],
AttributeError: ‘ParsedRequirement’ object has no attribute ‘req’
ERROR: Command errored out with exit status 1: python egg_info Check the logs for full command output.

@pythonpen this project doesn’t work anymore and dont will be maintened

Few weeks after the release of that project, frappé framework had one release that deprecated the library that was mading this project possible.

Now, it’s almost impossible change the behavior of links using the way that project was using.

So, because of this and other reasons, I dont will continue supporting this app.


Is this implemented in ERPNext core?

No, it’s not implemented into the core

Ok, got your point - but I like to look at the pattern that you have used to build feature that can override core functionality without making changes to the core.

Do you have any other working examples that I can refer to achieve core customisations via app?

@pythonpen part of mine solution rely on link formatters, that If I’m not wrong, doesn’t have support anymore in ERPNext since the version-12

I usually look how things works in frappe and ERPNext to abstract how extend the core trought custom apps

I do have 2 github accounts and there you will find few customizations

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