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Frappe Framework Training for non developer


Recording in jitsi seems possible:


if the trainer has its own jitsi server and have a time to configure recording, then it’s great. But if not, use instead. Me and my clients using it all the time with much cheaper subscription than gotomeeting or webex.

  • What would be the difference between recording the sessions directly from Jitsi (video conferencing software) or through SimpleScreenRecorder (screen recording software), for example? Two different tools for two different tasks.

Sure I could be missing something, because I don’t regularly use any of those tools.


Sorry to bother again. I just started a Jitsi Video call.

The weblcient (in firefox) has the built in option to start a recording to a dropbox account.
Haven’t tested it though.



Frappe cost 300 US$, 15 SESSIONS /2h each sessiin covering all topics, as of now the only proposal we got.


Please confirm your enrollment and llement, last column


Sorry, not sure I understand the pricing. Is it:

  • $300/per person, for all 15 sessions - Comes to about $11,000+ for Frappe
  • $300/for all 15 sessions, cost shared across ~35 people - Comes to about $10 per person
  • $300/session, cost shared across ~35 people - Comes to about $100 per person, $4,500 to Frappe

I got the impression from one of the earliest posts that the target price was ~$100/person. But I am often wrong.

  • $300 per hour
  • 2 hrs per session (*)
  • 15 session = 30 hrs
  • 30 hrs x $300 = $9000
  • $9000 / ~35 = $257/person

not sure why they have quoted 33 hrs, maybe addition 10% as “handling fee” or such. So this proposal would be 2.5 x the estimate/target

(*) I think 2hrs/session is too long. suggest 1.5 hrs


33 quoted attendees
15 sessions of 2h each.

100 US$ was my assumption.
If we collect more people price will be less.

Frappe asked for 9900 us$ for this course independent of number of attendees.


Course 1.5h and 30 mn for questions


Will attendees receive an invoice?


Yes, you can request from them at payment


$100 was also my assumption


Would have been interested for $100…Is there an option to record the sessions, and sell these later? Paid access to video recordings?


How much are people willing to go up to? I don’t mind going up a bit. IMO, we should really look at Frappe doing this because I assume the quality will be very good. To close the gap, we may need to go up on individual fees and add more people. Are there foundation funds available for this. Perhaps, the foundation can own the content and this can be part of ERPNext University. Thoughts? Ideas?


This number is huge! If I compare in Indian standards, one can get 3 SAP module certification.

It’s approx 6.5 lacs for 15 sessions! :roll_eyes:


According to the screenshot, the training is participant dependent: 33 x $300 = $9900
T&C #3 Each attendee shall pay $300 full in advance


I am still interested in the training, but I would pay for training regarding information that’s not in the current documentation, which is well written but lacks depth, use cases, examples, etc in certain topics.

I would start by rewriting the contents of the training, assuming knowledge of the current documentation’s material.

This approach could allow the attendees to later contribute to the missing info on ERPNext’s Docs.

$300/hr from the creators of ERPNext is pretty fair, IMO. Remember that giving a training is not just standing up and start talking.


I think we should be practical here.

It will be interesting to see how many of the 33 people actually end up paying the $300.

And the more people that back out the higher the cost for the remaining, and it might go on and on till the training is abandoned. And I truly believe the ecosystem needs this training.

I still maintain that it will be a good idea to see how we can finesse this proposal to bring the cost down to $100 per person.

My thoughts