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Frappe Framework Training for non developer


Hi Nofal,

Everything seems ok with my subscription (e-mail address ok “bv_erp at” and I am in the list of attendees under my real name “Bernard Vuillod”).

Nevertheless I am still in your reminder list under “Terano”.

This is probably due to the fact that I changed my e-mail address of my account the 20th of March (old address was “bv_it at”) ?

Just to make sure there is no confusion in the future…





Thanks Nofal for the reminder. I submitted the detailed in Google form.

What is the probable date of starting the training?



it’s ok Terano with email address

Tentative Start date within 1st April


Do we have a trainer yet?

We should start thinking about the payment method, don’t we? I suppose BTC or PayPal could be good alternatives


An update, 2 companies interested but still under discussion and asking questions.

Yes PayPal is valid for all, else Bank transfer is also available.

Next week we know the trainer I hope.


I applied too.


I too applied


I have noted that audio quality is not mentioned in the posting on Let’s make sure, this plays a role in the selection process. I’d choose a less perfect training with a great audio over a perfect training with crappy sound.


Hi @nmami,
I already subscribed.
I am not in the list of attendees.
Can you please check or let me know?

Thank you.


List of attendees as of now,
Naoufel Mami
Michael Pinkowski
Gunnar Wagner
Hemant Pema
Aadhil P M
Edgar Prada
Malachy Egbuna
Jai Kejriwal
Aulia Bismar
Russell Gadagno
Ahmad Najjar
Hani abboabdou
Arokia Joseph Patrick .P
Alexander Souza
Suhendri Wijaya
James DFP
Bilal Muhammad (seehive)
Rohit Gadia
Dominik Cabrerizo
Obinna Ukwueze
Olamide shodunke
Mohsin Vahora
Mitesh P Choksi
Deepak Pai
Liyakatali Lal
Pablo Heredia
Fatih Güneş
Irshad Ahamed
Gustavo Rossel
Chandrashekhar Gokhale
Amusan Israel

@vrms yes all of us are concerned by high sound quality we will see during 1st session and adjust if required.


What web meeting platform to use? Most web meeting services limit their service to 25 participants including the presenter. There are already > 30 participants registered.


as of now gotomeeting is suggested, I will leave it to trainer to provide the same.


What about an open-source alternative:


Just subscribed at google forms link. Looking forward to this training!
As award deadline is set to 30 Mars when can we expect to know about payment deadline and training start date?


Yes we are under discussion with Frappe to take this call.

by end of this week I will share all details.


have tried before jitsi, does it allow recording and screen sharing?


Jitsi works great. It doesn’t have recording, but that’s easy to do (also great floss alternatives for that).

  • Share your desktop, presentations, and more
  • Invite users to a conference via a simple, custom URL
  • Edit documents together using Etherpad
  • Pick fun meeting URLs for every meeting
  • Trade messages and emojis while you video conference, with integrated chat.


my experience with videos from frappe (the videos on their youtube channel i.e.) … audio is not good enough to really follow. So the sound quality question needs to be solved.


+1 for using jitsi. Recordings are a must though because I am certain not everybody will be able to attend every class live


I have suggested gotomeeting let’s see. jitsi does not have recording, it’s very important recording to reuse this material.

In all conditions we should be comfortable with any communication platform used.