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Frappe Framework Training for non developer


And me too


We shouldn’t skip anything relevant. Someone else may just think another topic was explained anywhere else before and argue to leave that away, … and so on.


To be clear this training is not for advanced developer people or troubleshooting to not face any surprise later on.

we can plan another topic for advanced course.

  1. I said Training is online using gotommeting plateform, trainer will give 1st and 2nd sessions for free, then you decide to continue or stop. Anyone who did not paid will not get any meeting link anymore and revoke access for google drive. here we can check for voice clarity and so on.

  2. I am confused about emails, I got many messages in discussion and PM, I will ask you to use this google form to add attendee information (let me know if you face an issue).

4.@vrms data import covered already.

  1. you can join training even after 1st and 2nd free sessions, or you can join after start date you can get recording for missed sessions. submit your name in the google form attached.

It seems all agree about agenda ? any other comment before finalize the same.

Next step: I will submit an RFP, if you know any qualified service provider PM me with his contact/company name.

FYI, frappe will be invited to submit her proposal.



Is this closed or are there room for one more participant


@szufisher had shown interested above. Also I could imagine @tmatteson may be a good choice to be a Trainer in such a Course.


still open , add your name


As I said, I have created a google form to collect attendees names and emails, so please proceed to add your name before EOD.

Already confirmed attendees are (11 member at post time):

Costa Rica in

Not yet subscribed in google form:






Hello I’m Interested to join the Training… Inform me about the details


Hi am too interested…!!!


Just read previous posts, I have shared agenda, how we will proceed.

Add your name in the google form if interested.


Add your name in the google form if interested.


I,m also interested to join the training…


@Ali_Abdelhalim for agenda check this page it’s our reference plus missing important points, I feel what you mention is already covered.

Reminder for advanced developer, this course is for non developer, in other words want to start developing and learn frappe framework from scratch. This is said, may be it will not feet with your expectation.

17 members confirmed till now.



so we need to make sure the trainer (to be chosen yet) will be presenting the content in a way that would not expect python or js knowledge


Hi there,

I just enroled yesterday in the google doc. I couldn’t give my forum name, because I just signed in for the forums right now.

Best regards


25 Confirmed attendees,

Aadhil P M
Ahmad Najjar
Alexander Souza
Arokia Joseph Patrick .P
Aulia Bismar
Bilal Muhammad (seehive)
Dominik Cabrerizo
Edgar Prada
Gunnar Wagner
Hani abboabdou
Hemant Pema
Jai Kejriwal
James DFP
Malachy Egbuna
Michael Pinkowski
Naoufel Mami
Obinna Ukwueze
Rohit Gadia
Russell Gadagno
Suhendri Wijaya

We are still accepting new members…

We are done with agenda, I’ll publish RFP on ERPNext job page.


RFP published under ERPNext jobs page to collect proposals.

FYI, @rmehta, @szufisher, @tmatteson if interested please submit your proposal.



Hi @nmami,
I just registered.
How will I get confirmation for this?


just a reminder for whom who did not subscribe in the google form,

please proceed, also available for new subscriber,

Google form: