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Frappe Framework Training for non developer


i am in


I would also like to nominate one team member - Count me in.


Updated attendees list (total 14):


Still open to accept new attendees


I would also like to nominate one team member to join


plus 1


Updated attendees list (total 16):

1 nmami
2 hokgt
3 Aadhil_P_M
4 Hani_AboAbdo
5 CostaRica
6 Terano
7 orlando83
8 farahgaas
10 raj
11 Ali_Abdelhalim
12 Sapweaver
13 seehive
14 FinForce
15 kdevloper
16 auliabismar

Still open to accept new attendees


Hi everyone,
Almost we are done with the attendees list.

I will share an initial training agenda where you can validate / comment.

Please send me an email, next time communication will be using email only, my email : naoufel dot mami at gmail dot com

Proposed agenda: (we shall finalize agenda by wed 20 March Max.)


Chap1: Tutorial

New App
Setting Up The Site
Naming And Linking
Doctype Directory Structure
Users And Records
Form Client Scripting
Web Views
Single Doctypes
Task Runner

Chap2: Guides
Configuring Https
Lets Encrypt Ssl Setup
Diagnosing The Scheduler
Manual Setup
Setup Multitenancy
Setup Production
Adding Custom Domains
Settings Limits

Chap3: Resources
Background Services
Bench Commands Cheatsheet
Bench Procfile



Updated agenda due to some feedback.

  1. Guides

    1. Basics
    2. App Development
    3. Deployment
    4. Reports And Printing
    5. Portal Development
    6. Data
    7. Integration
    8. Database Settings
    9. Automated Testing
  2. Desk

  3. Bench

  4. Guides

  5. Configuring Https

  6. Lets Encrypt Ssl Setup

  7. Diagnosing The Scheduler

  8. Manual Setup

  9. Setup Multitenancy

  10. Setup Production

  11. Adding Custom Domains

  12. Settings Limits

  13. Resources

  14. Background Services

  15. Bench Commands Cheatsheet

  16. Bench Procfile

  17. Tutorial

  18. App

  19. Bench

  20. New App

  21. Setting Up The Site

  22. Start

  23. Models

  24. Roles

  25. Doctypes

  26. Naming And Linking

  27. Doctype Directory Structure

  28. Users And Records

  29. Form Client Scripting

  30. Controllers

  31. Reports

  32. Web Views

  33. Single Doctypes

  34. Task Runner

Please send me your email (I put names for missed emails only)





plus 1


do add github push/pull.

Also if possible to define test cases as it is necessary for contribution.


Updated attendees list now 18
1 nmami
2 hokgt
3 Aadhil_P_M
4 Hani_AboAbdo
5 CostaRica
6 Terano
7 orlando83
8 farahgaas
10 raj
11 Ali_Abdelhalim
12 Sapweaver
13 seehive
14 FinForce
15 kdevloper
16 auliabismar
17 vrms
18 aakvatech

updated agenda:


Is this closed for taking on another student?


Not yet, tag him plz


I was wondering whether it would make sense adding “data import via .csv files” to the agenda


One requirement for the trainer to be nominated would be the ability to produce a good sound quality in my eyes.

No matter how good the training may be content wise, if you can not follow well due to too much echo/room, lack of microphone, or background noise this does not make much sense.


And please, if the trainer is not a native English speaker (like myself), speak slowly, since it’s not easy to understand.


Hi @nmami, I think some of the agenda has been covered by frappe web tutorial.
For 2. Bench 1. Guides, the tutorial from frappe web is quite detail, if you follow the instruction step by step, I don’t think you’ll encounter problem and even if, what we should learn is how to trouble shoot the problem. I’m referring to this link

Please also see 1. Guides 2. App development, if it is a basic app development, it also covered on youtube. There are 10 videos covering basic app development, please refer to this link

So I suggest to remove agenda that has been covered from other sources and focus on what is not covered, adding agenda such as deeper learning for python and javascript framework applicable for developing app and custom script, script report, API call and some other deeper learning curve agenda and issue discussion for each session.


The first post of this thread explains why current agenda item should stay. This training is intend for functional consultants. For most like me too deep technical guide on how to do, make me sleep! :smiley:… So we need maybe a human voice going over the material covered in the sources you mentioned.


Is there room for more people? If so, kindly add me.