Frappe does not have a feature list

You ever noticed there is actuallly no feature list for Frappe?

I wrote this for a project based on it. Most of the features are from Frappe. As you see it’s much more expansive than what written in the documentation.

Integration, expandability and automation

  • Webhooks: a webhook can be trigger on any action on any document. Examples:
    • When a new component request is created, turn on a light on the office
    • When a new SKU is added to a MPN, send the SKU to the ERP software to verify
  • Full document structure editing. Need two SKU? need color-tagging of something?
  • Data export (excel, csv), data import with validation
  • Bulk update with conditions and logic
  • REST api and RPC
  • Automated data migration
  • cron

Workflow and management

  • complete configurable workflow with status, actions, roles
  • send preconfigured emails
  • can be disabled for simple deployments in small businesses


  • Comment on ANY document
  • Add attachment to any document
  • Configurable KANBAN boards (by tag, status, any parameter)
  • Share document with any user, even if they did not have permission before (you must have share permissions)
  • Add tags to any document
  • assign a document to a specific individual. “Steven, deal with this component, thanks”. Also, assignment rules for automation.
  • Send emails from lateralDB to anyone with attached data
  • Print documents (please don’t waste paper!)
  • Every page is a permalink, that means you can just copy the url and send it to your collegues, and they will land to the same page
  • Calendar
  • Report builder and report scheduling
  • ToDo (with date and priority), calendar
  • Integrated chat
  • Gamification for increased productivity (points for work, scoreboards, social posts integrated within the platform)
  • Dashboard with charts
  • Webforms (created shared forms that can be accessed by any user)
  • Slack-compatible


  • Complete user role management, preconfigured. Example:
    • User can add new component request, Electronic engineer can create the component, but only head librarian can verify and approve
  • Tracking of modifications, views
  • Integration with LDAP, Gsuite, Office365, standard SSO protocols
  • Backups
  • Deleted documents recovery “nothing is lost forever”
  • Brute force login prevention
  • Password reset after X days
  • password strenght policy rules


  • Awesome bar: one point of quick access to everywhere

  • Help and documentation integrated everywhere

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Barcode reader compatible

  • Single-page event-driven app: you don’t have to wait for the page to load. Events (notifications, errors, stuff you did) are sent/received seamlessly between frontend and backend.

  • Asyncronous: tasks that take a long time to be executed are done so without blocking the app, and can be scheduled for the night shift


  • proven tecnology used by thousands of companies

  • Automatic error detection (when something crashesh, a snapshot of the status is taken and the data is send to the admin for debugging)

  • Error reporting (when something crashesh, the user can report it manually adding useful contextual information)

  • Self resetting system: in cause something crashesh, the system will reboot the software (users will be logge out)