Frappe_docker - how to start from scratch when things fail?

Continuing the discussion from Official Docker Updates 2020:

I have continuing trouble getting a " Local deployment for testing" instance running. I fail with the 3rd step in the setup process (creating a new site and installing ERPNext) over and over again.
I guess the use of the environment variables (either directly in the docker exec or by defining the variables in the installation/.env file is where things go wrong.

So I am making new attempts since the release and would like to confirm how I can make sure that I really am starting from an empty page.

Does docker-compose ... down clear everything there was? Or is there more to it?

Docker Cleanup Commands Gist:

Delete and recreate sites directory:

rm -fr installation/sites && mkdir installation/sites

New site step without env variables:

Assumption is installation/.env is same as env-example

docker exec -it \
    -e "SITE_NAME=coolnameforsite.localhost" \
    -e "DB_ROOT_USER=root" \
    -e "MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=admin" \
    -e "ADMIN_PASSWORD=admin_password_for_coolsite" \
    -e "INSTALL_APPS=erpnext" \
    <project-name>_erpnext-python_1 new

Note: SITE_NAME ends with .localhost if you need to try things locally.

Get familiar with docker-compose locally. I’m working on docker swarm for production.

Here are my notes :
(I managed to get mariadb master slave replication working here)

I’ll add swarm directory under installation and add appropriate docs once I migrate all my production sites to docker
I’m working on backup cron to push backed up files to s3 and way to restore from volume or s3 whichever available.

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