Frappe-datatable Installation for a custom app

I can not find a clear guide ( i tried with not luck to install via npm and yarn) the frappe-datatable (

I just want to check it and use it to custom app.

Anyone can post the steps needed ?

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There is not much documentation, so I suggest choose another DataTable with bigger documentation.

Here is some documentation to get started

@rmehta ty , but not helpful.

I need the setup that frappe ecosystem needs. As stand-alone lib the step are known but not in frappe ecosystem.

You can look at report_view.js in frappe to check usage.

@netchampfaris Ty for your comment but not helpful. I am asking about installation process of this “lib” in a custom frappe app not the usage.

Why not kickstart this yourself? Initiate some trial and error steps, report here so folks can suggest - you will blaze a trail.

@clarkej Ty for you comment.

I have tried to kickstart it and as I write to initial post tried to install it via npm and yarn with no luck.

ahh ok

@kickapoo we have an app in development “Swimventory” that could help.

Here are the includes:

/* Custom Datatables*/

We have not found a good way to use the Frappe version of those resources and have resorted to a version saved within our app. See also:

@tmatteson Ty, this start to make sense.

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Sure thing.
I stand by my request of the frappe team of a single line “provide” “import” or “include” statement in the .js file along the lines of “this is all it will take to make our tool work”. Given the awesome utility of Frappe Charts, Frappe Gantt, Frappe Datatable and I’m sure a few other skunkworks projects they’ve got going, it should be simpler to bring in those resources without ~ 6 lines of path problems.

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For FrappeJS development setup here’s a doc:

In his video Faris refers to a Getting Started guide but no idea where that doc lives

@tmatteson be our guest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

FrappeJS is unreleased at the moment. We are working with the interns on this for now. Anyone else who interested in diving in, ping @netchampfaris, he will add you to the ESoC group.

It is coming out much much better than we hoped. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:! No ETA

@clarkej I think we’re talking about different things here. While datatable, charts and gantt may be inside FrappeJS, they also both exist independent of the frappe framework and he ERPNext app. Kickapoo’s issue was trying to include the datatable library by referencing the ERPNext include, which we haven’t been able to do. That’s the basis of my grousing. And to be fair to the ESoC team, I haven’t had the chance to look at the work that they’ve done yet.

Thanks for clarifying Tyler.

OK yes before say Charts, Gantt and Datatable used in ERPNext might be used standalone in a custom app is a matter of APIs that first must evolve and be developed.

For this to occur demands the usual motivation time and effort to refactor and package.

Agreed. Charts is out of the woods and in version 1.x. It is being used well outside the ERPNext ecosystem, which is a endorsement to the Frappe team’s ability to build excellent tools outside of their ERP software bread and butter. Datatable is less mature but it is really promising and I hope it completely overtakes child tables which I find terrible for a number of reasons. I have less of a read on Gantt, but its the most specific of the three so it’s likely to have fewer users overall because of that.

Also thanks I fail to check this resource

The discuss on the topic went off topic :slight_smile:

Marking @tmatteson post as solution.