"For Supplier" Button on Purchase Orders

I can’t seem to find the button that merges several Material Requests into one purchase order based on the supplier. Am I doing something wrong or was this feature removed? I created all the Material Requests using the Production Planning Tool.

The only options I see are “Add Items From” -> “Material Requests” , “Supplier Quotation”

ERPNext: v6.18.4
Frappe Framework: v6.19.2

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“Add Items From” -> “Material Requests” is the same option, which was earlier “For Supplier”

It seems like the “Material Request” only brings in one at a time. Is there a way to load multiple material requests at the same time? I have about 500 material requests, many of which are for the same supplier, so it would save a lot of time to have the “For Supplier” functionality.

Sorry it is just below the “Supplier” field.

I don’t seem to have it on my version


Is there anything that would prevent it from displaying?

Thanks for your help!

I was able to find the button. It was hidden in the Recurring tab right at the bottom of the screen. I must have accidentally moved it there when customizing the form (not sure how). I was able to fix it.

Thanks for your assistance.

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