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Flexible benefit plan

1.We are facing challenges in Flexible Benefit Plan that the balance for the claim should be assigned monthly but currently, it’s not happening and it’s allowing to submit the claim for total amount which should be pro-rated.
2. FBP Impact on Salary - the allocated amount should be adjusted with salary heads which is also not happening and it is showing over and above of salary amount.
3. If any emp has not opted for FBP then also the tool is allowing to submit the claim and it is also showing as the payable amount in the salary slip
4. There is no flow to Validate and approve the claim

There are some suggestions which can make it better

  1. Override option should be there for employees to override their income tax slab. So that employees can opt for any of the income tax on their own.
  2. PF should be considered automatically as an exemption (deducted PF)

Please anyone can help here …

Anyone can suggest please