Filter problem with sales Payment summary report

hi guys,

am facing an issue with the sales payment summery report.
when I open a sales payment summery report am getting an error log and when I open the error log it looks soming like this.

[{‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00937’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00938’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00939’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00940’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00941’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00942’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00943’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00944’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00945-1’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00946’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00947’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00948’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00949-1’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00950’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00951’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00952’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00953’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00954’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-CS-00955’}, {‘name’: ‘SINV-D-02068’}]

Attached is the screenshot.

kindly help how do I solve this issue

am using staging branch version 11

Hi community,

Could this be a python or a database issue/error?