Fields to adjust colours

Hi. Is it possible to add under Setup>Settings, a “Display” section which will allow users to

  1. Choose a few defined official colour themes ( Light, Dark, Purple, Grey, High Contrast, Custom etc)
  2. Fields for custom hex colour code for at least major section like
    • Background
    • Top Bar
    • Header
    • Badges
    • Form fill header / background
  3. [Checkbox] Remove effects like the text shadows on the Dashboard. (may cause blurring in some laptops/monitors)
  4. [Checkbox / Slider] Enlarge dashboard icon texts for the main screen._( Normal, Big, Bigger) _
    E.g. iOS Accessibility options.

This will help to make each of our setups feel “more at home / personal” without affecting ERPnext’s layouts or code.

But more importantly, this is critical for colour-blind colleagues, older senior users and other visually-impaired people. Let’s not forget about their visual well-being too. :slight_smile:


@wdg thanks for raising this concern.

Adding these options is likely to break things. We have had a lot of problems maintaining customisation.

Instead, let’s focus on specific instances of problems and solve those. Can you list specific issues that cause problems in usability? We can think of solutions that would be much quicker to implement.

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@anand We can focus on the colours first. These should not break things at all.

Many colour blinds have issues with red like my friend. E.g. your badges. I
understand that your overall theme is Purple, but other colours would be
good. ( )

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I understand what you are saying but our theme does not have much of colors, it is monochrome mostly, just few indicators and desk, you can change the desk background though. Down the road it will happen but not in immediate future. You can raise a github issue as a Feature Request for it.

@anand, @KanchanChauhan.

I fully agree with @wdg , In my team we all have problems discerning the colors of erpnext, it is mostly gray with very low saturated light colors (yellows, grays and purple-blues) and on many monitors, tablets, and phones very very difficult to distinguish.
This is not about estethics (I like the current colors) but about useability (but I cannot see the colors, the whole page all looks gray), as many selections etc. are just not visible.

So please give us the option to change colors, or provide a number of color shemes (also high contrast) where we can choose from.

Is there a already a feature request for this, or not yet?


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Yes. A option to have a custom.css for pages.