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Fields related to link field do not appear


Hi all ,
I created doctype with name [Resignation] with two fields Employee [Link/Employee] and Employee Name [Read Only/employee.employee_name] .

But when i select employee the name does not appear

Please Help :frowning:


This is weird. After saving did the name appear ?

Check your variable that you are referencing from Employee i.e. employee_name is it correct or not


Variable that is referencing to Employee is correct
and the name does not appear after saving


Any errors or so found in console or the bench start trace ?


Wait, see that data type of Employee Name field - why is it Read Only and not Data ?

Change it to Data and I think it should solve your problem.


No error in console

but in network the url as shown in pic
the variable fetch sent empty
when you try to pass employee_name it will work


No i did it Data and it did not work
and Read only is working in attendance doctype


Same problem. Did you find a solution yet?


You don’t have to put employee.employee_name in options.

Put in on “Obtener de” box…

in my example, library_member is the link field