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Field Sales Process (How to map?)


I would like to use ERPNEXT in order to manage door-to-door selling with a small business team.

The sales process should be as simple and costless as possible.

The sale person use his smartphone to order/invoice the customer while stocks, accounting and delivery should be done in a single step.

The payment would be done either by credit card or cheque/cash, still using the smartphone of the sale person.

I don’t know wich is the best alternative between using POS, Website or Desk.
Have you any suggestion?


I tried to test POS with credit card payment on a smartphone.
The display is correct in offline mode, except there are no images in item’s list.
When I click on pay button, I have a form with the right total amount in credit card field.
That’s ok.
When I click submit, I can print the invoice but I’m not rerouting in a paypal/strip form.
I didn’t find in the documentation how to configure this.
Any ideas?