Featured ERPNext Service Provider of the Month

Hi all,

The Foundation is getting ready for a launch. One of the monthly features on the Foundation would be the Featured ERPNext Service Provider of the Month. This is to recognize and applaud the enormous contributions that Service Providers have made to making ERPNext what it is today.

How will this work?

Step 1: Service Providers complete a small survey and provide information. Here’s the link to the questionnaire. It will take 15-20 minutes to complete the questions.

Step 2: The Foundation reviews responses and connects up with the Service Provider and individuals to get approval to list and to get their photographs.

Step 3: Selected Service Provider gets featured on ERPNext.org

Step 4: Community Likes the page on Facebook and LinkedIn and creates buzz for ERPNext.

This is for Service Providers. If you are a user organization there is a separate "Featured ERPNext Customer of the Month, the link to that page is here:

Service Providers: Please complete this questionnaire at the soonest.



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