[feature request] Multiple UOM

Hello, we have a situation that occurs in several areas, especially food.

We need to carry two units of measure for the stock, as the conversion of the uom varies depending on how production went out.

E.g. when cheeses are manufactured they do not always have the same weight, the main unit is the kilogram but you need to carry as many units as there are.

This would be possible if a report like Stock Leager s would show how many units you have from another uom. It would simply accumulate what was entered into the chosen uom.



Hope You will understand.

Hi, thanks for response, and thanks rmetha for proposal a future request.

In the dairy industry, for example, inventory entries would be as follows

Stock Entry
Cheese. 1kg / 2 Last
Cheese 1Kg / 2.3 Last
Cheese 1 Kg / 1.8 Last

As you will see, the Last vary when it is produced with the same amount of kilos.

So in the largest inventory they need to know how many kilos and how many Last they have.
Cheese 3 Kg / 4.4 Formers

The problem is that there is no single relationship to use the UOM.

This example can be used for food industries, such as metallurgical, etc. that carry this type of stock.


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We faced same issue for on of our customer who is into automobile body manufacturing.
The issue is with steel that is ordered and received with different weight
eg:- PO:- steel sheet ordered qty :- 1 Nos , 50kgs
Purchase Receipt 1 :- steel sheet received qty :- 1 Nos 52Kgs
Purchase Receipt 2 :- steel sheet received qty :- 1 Nos 51Kgs

As a temporary fix we are using auto batch for the particular product.
So every receipt is assigned a batch no and stock is shown separately.

If there is any other solution please let me know

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Ciao Federico… have you got the answer?

Hi, I’d say no. We made some modifications, adding a second quantity field, and took other stock reports on our own.

It is not a very elegant solution, practically to see this should be a domain like Agriculture.

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Hi federico_calvo,

have you got the answer?

Hi, Unfortunately not

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ok thanks for inform

Have you tried Stock Entry repack? Maybe automation to repack from Cheese kg to Last