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[FEATURE REQUEST]: Multiple barcode per Item

Hi All,

We’re working in food distribution field and Items can have multiple barcode, is there any way to extend ERPNext to allow that?

It should be something similar as Item Code per Supplier in which will be possible to add as much barcode as needed.

Thanks in advance

You can use serial no,

Thanks a lot, we’ll test it!

Is there any other method? Like creating a DocType or similar?

Hi there,

i tried to use serial no feature in order to add multiple barcodes but it won’t work because serial mark each entity in stock while barcode identify the item itself.

Any other chance to enable multi barcode? This is quite common in retail food

Thanks in advance.

Did you have a solution for the problem? Because i have the same with console games like Ps3 games. Multiple barcodes for the same product from different countries

Hi there,

u can add a child table in item doctype to add multiple barcode.

After that u should manage POS to search barcodes in child table as well …

Thx for the solution. I gonna look for someone who going to implement it

Any luck configuring the desired setup?

Hello, Anyone did above request, I am also looking the same solution. I have already created the Chiled Barcode table under UOM so Each UOM will have barcode respectively. Now I want to know how to search in the POS Screen, is someone can help me?

Mohammed Sakeer,

Am looking for the same feature.

Bar-code for different UOM for an item.

Item - Pen

Unit - Nos Bracode: 489982734 Conversation factor - 1
Unit - Box Bracode: 893945934 Conversation factor - 10

And want these barcode to search from POS.

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Actually is not possible

Is anyone in the community doing any work on this? I’ve done a simple survey and found that a vast majority of ERPs align barcodes to UOMs. This is a big necessity especially since items are packed in various packaging forms and it is really not best practice to create multiple item masters to represent this.

Would love to contribute so let me know if anyone is already doing something.

There is a feature request already open

Are you willing to sponsor It?

@JoEz I could consider sponsoring it, can anyone put a cost to this?. But initially was actually thinking of developing it rather and pushing it upstream.

BTW, the design in is perhaps not ideal. The Barcode should be aligned to the UOMs of each item. This is pretty standard in all other ERPs etc. What do you think @JoEz?

Well …would be possible to add another field in the item barcode table as. Link to UOM so that, if needed, will be possible to select the UOM and realte it to the barcode

@JoEz Any luck on this feature.

Actually approved …waiting to be merged …

Yes am just going through that.

@JoEz Hi, any update in this