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[Feature Request] Allow different Levels in BOM Explosion



Possibility to use different, defined levels in BOM explosion.

Simplified example BOM:

In this example the BOM of the product contains the sub-assemblies Item 1 and Item 2.
To manufacture the product Item 1 (1st level) shall be consumed. Item 2 shall be transparent so that Item 2.1, Item 2.2 and Item 2.3 (2nd level) are consumed directly.

Currently the system only allows to use the first level or the last level (called multi-level). But the last level is not always what you need e.g. if you have multiple stages of subcontracting. The production planning should allow a higher granuality in defining the level resolution of boms.

Right now the production planning only offers two ways of resolution:

  1. Use 1st level: Item 1 and Item 2
  2. Use multi-level: Item 1.1.1, Item 1.1.2, Item 1.2, Item 1.3, Item 2.1, Item 2.2, Item 2.3

Possible Solution:
Define a check-box in the BOM that indicates whether the BOM can be exploded or not. If the BOM does not allow further explosion the item should be treated as a leaf. The resolution should stop in that case.

In the scenario mentioned above, Item 1 would not allow further explosion.
The explosion stops at Item 1 while Item 2 is still transparent.


Post this Feature request in Github


Thanks for your reply. It is my first feature request so I’m not absolutely sure how to proceed.
Do you think I should directly request it on github or should it be discussed here by the community at first?

Do you have a similar requirement?


The feature request is now on github: