External Traffic Issue

I’m running 13 from the docker install process on a fresh debian 10 server. There seems to be an issue with erp trying to send and connect to external services.

Email Domain: When attempting to setup the email domain I get the dreaded out goin email not correct stmp timed out.

AWS S3 back up: When setting up the storage i get a “you don’t have permission to access said bucket”

I thought these might be individual errors, but its looking more like my instance is not being allowed to communicate out.

Again everything is a fresh install and default settings from the docker compose file.

Enter container,
And try make simple get request to some site.
Use python, requests lib which is available in container.

Some ISP don’t allow outgoing mail from instances unless you raise a ticket.

Try using backup and push-backup commands from container to verify object storage connection.

which container to i jump into?

Enter the python container. It has bench --site sitename console command available in it