Extend Point of sale ( pos ) version-13

hi i have this code for extend pos…

class PointOfSaleController extends erpnext.PointOfSale.Controller{

prepare_menu() {
this.page.add_menu_item( (“Prestamo”), this.captura_prestamo.bind(this), false);
(“Egreso”), this.captura_egreso.bind(this), false);



erpnext.PointOfSale.Controller = PointOfSaleController;

but only works in erpnext v13-beta

in erpnext V13 realease not woking… :frowning_face:
May someone help us?

someoe may help with this, some advice or tip, please.


I’m trying to do the same thing… u found a solution?

i took the idea from https://github.com/aisenyi/erpnext-raw-printing

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check the build.json file into public folder…
pos_assets is a symbolic links only…

i took the idea from https://github.com/aisenyi/erpnext-raw-printing

You may want to use this pasigono repo for inspiration instead. I’m not the developer so am not sure exactly what changed, but the raw_printing app was developed on something like version 13.5/13.6. It worked with that, but since that time, there were some breaking changes in more recent versions. The pasigono repo was updated (and some other POS features were added) and is verified working with 13.17 and 13.18.

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@levi and @landaverdelbo Thxxx !! this helped me alot.

I managed to do what I wanted in the best way without impacting the erpnext source.