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Export value is different in CSV and Excel for Genral Ledger

I am using erpnext and frappe version as below with one customized software

Installed Apps

ERPNext: v11.1.42 (master)

Frappe Framework: v11.1.37 (master)

Mentha: v0.0.1 (master)

I have found some strange behavior while exporting data from general ledger report
Common steps:
go to trial balance
open stock in hand general ledger
add supplier name from purchase receipt document
add Total Quantity from purchase receipt document
add Customer name from Delivery note document
add Total Quantity from Delivery note document

issue 1: The total quantity is same for customer and supplier, if we add only one type (cutomer or supplier )then its work fine otherwise it shows the same value for both type of party which is incorrect.
issue 2 : if download CSV then its export same as we can see on computer(still the issue present in the report) but when export in excel format It does not have any added columns in report.

there is an workaround for issue 1 that add either Customer or supplier and generate report one by one and then merge them via excel sheet.
and for issue 2 download the csv and then convert it to excel manually