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Expenses not related to items

Hi, I tried doing this. All well and good but how do I put the expense to the correct GL account?

A new feature here seems unnecessary. I think what needs to happen is that the filters being applied to the item list, within the purchase invoice|receipt, should be able to be easily changed from the UI, in such a way that users can include|exclude items.

This would allow us to make the “consumables” item a group item, in which we can create new expense items, such as fuel, or phone purchase or what have you; and then pull those items into the usual field for purchase invoice|receipts.

Then this would work as any other accounts platform.

Re-reading above I think I need to add that, yes we can easily make “consumables” a group item now, and add a new item inside this group, unchecking the “manage stock” option upon creation. But this will not update the filters within the field circled in the graphic. And it is these filters that need to be manageable from the UI.

Furthermore, this should be a priority item because this is a very simple, but very necessary function of any accounting system, that is currently ambigious, and not easily done in ERPNext.

I guarantee this problem on it’s own has prevented adoption for many businesses.

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Yes it is a big problem
The accountant who works in NGOs needs this type of input to pay the expenses and is not present in the ERPNext system.
Whereas, as accountants, we spend on NGOs systems on the expense directly on payment.

“consumable items should be available here too”

As a quick check I could not reproduce this - that is, I defined an item in a Consumable group that then appears in the Purchase Invoice Item list.

Perhaps the user community can corroborate on what you have found here, to identify and confirm what the problem is in this case?


I strongly disbelieve that the String “consumables” (and it is not more then that. A string of characters) in your item groups name would enable ERPNext to not show this in an Invoice. So, I’d assume there must be another reason for this (like the item not having the "Is Purchase Item" box checked, or such)