Essential needs! - REAL Item Codification

Dealing with construction industry, in particular electromechanical aspect imposes a complex scheme of the targeted item codes to be implemented.

The default Item variants/attribute option is showing a clear failure to handle items codification as it should.

To narrow the issue, let’s assume that, global code is intended to handle codes.
For example, A-BBB-CC-DDD-E i.e. 5-levels, 10-digits no more, no less should be used to classify whatsoever coming next.

The below shown customization script is good, but not good enough as it is rely on static entries to be updated while adding new item for the first time.

Keep updating the above mentioned script while dealing with huge variety of items will be results in critical confusions and will void the purpose justified in,

To help understanding the above mentioned variety let’s think about items for,
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing AS GROUPS
HVAC, LV, HV, Lightening, Earthing, Fire-fighting, Fire-alarm, Water Supply, Drainage, Escalators, etc. AS SYSTEMS intersects with GROUPS

Now, for only HVAC as example,
Absorption, Cooling towers, Chillers, Duct, etc. << different designs
Ammonia, R-22, R-134a, R-410a << different working fluids
G.I Ducts, P.I Ducts << Different materials

DB, Panels, Cables, Devices, Pipes, Pumps, Gauges, Fittings etc.
Different sizes, Different brands, and even different origin by assuming the physical and technical data remains for any single item qualifying the above mentioned specs!.

Well, I humbly request the expert people right here to provide action plan for handling the above targeted global code in such standard way by utilizing the customization capability can fit not only the electromechanical aspect but as generalized codification approach.

My simple suggestion is to modify the code shown at the first hyperlink above to deal with dynamic entries i.e. instead of using “SOME TEXT” table names to be used and hence that tables to be added as custom SINGLE tables at which say cable sizes for example to be listed and added as new if it does not exist and so on.
and hence, item code field in stock module is not supposed to be manual entry anymore, say button to pop-up entry panel similar to variants one in order to handle interactive selection with cascading of Value/Abbreviation ending with item code formation.

Other suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Please detail steps for non-IT skills people.

I suggest you hire a consultant to aid you with this request. The community is here to provide suggestions and guide, not work for free for everyone trying to use the system. What you are asking for is not trivial, and is a very unique requirement.

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