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Error: 'Default for naming_series must be an option'




I am getting the above error when trying to do a bench update. I have customized the naming_series for a few Documents through the Naming Series Tool. How do I fix the problem


Naming series custom error


Please check the default option set for the naming series doctype, It looks like you have set the options in naming series like A, B, C but in default you have set options other than A, B, C




I have just changed the Naming Series via Naming Series tool. Another thing, I am not sure how important this would be, but I also have a Custom App installed and this error seems to generate when Syncing the fixtures during bench update. And I can confirm that there was no change in fixtures before the update.


Hi, since it seems relevant, I am reviving this thread.
I did the same, did a bench update, and got:
frappe.exceptions.ValidationError: Default for naming_series must be an option

But I cannot go back to my erpnext installation to change the naming_series back, since I blatantly did a bench upgrade on production.

Any suggestions?


Sorry to bump. Or, is there a way that I can actually install v10, load the old DB, change the naming series, and them upgrade? Would it hurt my data?



Its been a long time since I had a go at ERPNext.

However do you have a custom app installed ?

If yes, then go to the .json file in fixtures that’s causing the error and manually correct the value for “default field” under the naming series field, and then run “bench migrate” I am not sure if this would work, its been a long time.

Installing v10 and loading the old db doing the update, should not hurt the data. But I suggest you should do a backup before proceeding.

Edit: What version is the old db from?



I had two apps, base_vat and fedex_integration.

I ditched the old bench and created a new one, as I often also forget what I had done with the first one.
I did the db migrations, painful couple of hours (fedex_integration doesn’t setup automatically anymore) with some manual table work. (Could be due to the fact that I didn’t have exact match with the old v10.x apps)

The old db was from version 10.
Thanks for the comment, it brought some courage for the work.