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Error - Debit and Credit not equal for Payment Entry for Payments Entry against Sales Invoice

I face an issue in creating payments against Sales invoices.
I created a sales invoice for 21240/- which is over due. While I make a payment entry against it for 9000 as 1st installment from client. The payment entry gets saved but while I submit it it gives the following error

Debit and Credit not equal for Payment Entry against Si-xxx-xxxx. The difference is 18000.

When I changed the received amount to 8000/- it says the difference amount is 16000.

that’s an issue somewhere as the received amount is shown as double in the error message. HAs anyone find a solution to over come this?

I also have the same issue. The difference shows double the amount paid.

I face the same issue from version 13.7 and I put a temporarily fix until a permanent one.

on the file line 694

dr_or_cr = “credit” if erpnext.get_party_account_type(self.party_type) == ‘Receivable’ else “debit”

here is my temp fix

dr_or_cr = “credit” # if erpnext.get_party_account_type(self.party_type) == ‘Receivable’ else “debit”

Hope that will help you until a permanent solution.

I will check and get back to you with one of my new ERp v13 experimental VM.

Could you please advise me : i have v12 with lots of data. I am installing new v13 on a separate VM. Ho do i migrate to data to new v13 machine ?

I just migrate a client from v10 to v13.11.

  1. Take a backup of the v10 database
  2. Install the v13.11 and make sure its on the correct branch not the develop branch
  3. Restored the v10 database
  4. Run bench update --patch --requirements
    5)Run bench migrate
  5. If you run into errors re-run bench update
    Hopes that will help.

Sione, excellent i followed steps as mentioned by you and i am out of words…!!! Awesome.

All data is available in v13 as of now. I will use it parallely with v12 and check if some error comes up.

Anyways, thanks a lot for your kind guidance and support…! Email me at i would love to be in touch with you.