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ERPv13- Error from a Workspace shortcut/Link to a report

Im creating a custom App and having trouble with creating a shortcut to a report on my workspace.

I first created a report from the report view of a doctype by filtering the values the way I need and then saving it in some name.

Then on the workspace I click customize, select ‘new Shortcut’, and then fill in the following:
Type: report, LinkTo: {createdReport} , Label : some Label.
Then Save, and refresh the page to see the short cut on the workspace.
However when i click on it , it says : Page {reportname} not found

I can also see the address it expects the report to be at to be : /app/{reportname}/view/report
whereas the actual address the report is at , when i go through the doctype is

Can someone help me with this?

I’m having the same problem. What I tried is to put the Link to the report in the Link Cards section instead of Shortcuts, but I’m getting the same issue.