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It is possible to Install ERPNext on and have the website feature on

Hi, @tobsowo, Yes, but you must have a custom app otherwise it will conflict/remove when bench update.

  1. Copy Navbar folder [apps/frappe/frappe/templates/includes/navbar]
  2. Paste Navbar folder [apps/custom_app/custom_app/templates/includes/navbar]

Edit 1) dropdown_login.html , 2) navbar_login.html

find the tag <a href="/login"> and replace with <a href="">

Hi @tobsowo,
Just curious, what is your purpose (use case) to do that?

Thank you. When I want to do this, I will let you know if I have any challenge.

The use case is that. The frontend will be built using ERPNext Website but ERPNext itself is hosted on a subdomain.

I mean why you want the erp in sub domain?
Because you can also install the erp in and access the web and desk on that domain. It’s easier to do I think.

Also you can add subdomain (e.g www, erp, etc) to the site.

Thanks for your input. I was considering having WordPress as the main frontend then use ERPNext website for other services pages but it nice if I can do subdomain with ERPNext, then I can install in the root.

Did you manage to deploy ERPNext as a subdomain while having an ERPNext website in the root domain? I’m asking as I’m trying to deploy ERPNext behind firewall where only selected people can access via VPN. But the front end website would be accessible by people outside the organization. therefore it should be accessible to anyone.Is that possible?