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ERPNext Video Channels

Dear all,

A few weeks ago, we announced bounty for making a new set of product videos, but that project has not unfortunately progressed.

I recently checked, I see 4 active channels of ERPNext videos:

We are thinking of distributing the bounty among these groups. Anyone suggesting a mechanism?


I have initiated an action for a training program beginner topics 15h, advanced topics 15h

I invite you to attend demo tomorrow and decide.

To register for demo session:


Good idea,

You could divide the entire ERPNext Frappe framework curriculum into 4 sections and assign each entity a section based on which area they appear to have comparative competence in.

Just one idea

Thank you for the mention

I think all the links are pointing to n0c0de’s Youtube Channel

Updated Links


I suggest based on the number of views, subscribers, and upvotes.

I suggest sharing equally amongst them.