ERPNext V5 overview


Is there a document somewhere that spells out the key aspects of V5 vs V4 - what changes to expect/what the goals are?

Is there a timescale envisaged?

Thank you.

You can track these for now:

There will also be a major UI / UX upgrade

Any sort of timescale envisaged for it?

No hard deadline, but may be in sometime in the end of January.

Will it be (easily) possible to upgrade via process to V5 or should we wait to setup new businesses?

Thanks for a Tipp

There will be a one line command to upgrade to version 5 from version 4.

Pretty cool, thanks, so nothing to wait and start with 4

or would you say that we already can start on current dev v5 already?

Is it already “beta” state or more between “alpha” and “beta”?

Sorry for boring questions, but in case that we are new on ERPnext, we have to learn and come in.

does v5 mean, that also the print templates are changed?

The implemented features are in beta state. But we are also in process of developing a whole new UI, which is just started. Many more features are pending to develop, which will come in v5.

No, we are not changing print templates in v5.