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ERPNext v13 very slow but only before logging in

I’ve read quite some topics about ERPNext being slow but almost all point to database settings.
Upon first load of the page it takes about 25sec until the login page appears and about 30sec to get to the dashboard.
After that the speed is normal and acceptable. Where to start troubleshooting?
This is on a an older HP Microserver with AMD Turion™ II Neo N54L Dual-Core Processor, 8GB RAM, older spinning disk so I don’t expect sub-second times but I’m quite shocked that it takes so much time just to login and then after that the site is quite snappy - is this normal?
Thanks and regards,


That does seem slow, even on the hardware.

If you can open a terminal console and use top or htop commands to monitor the startup you may be able to see which processes are using high levels of cpu. It might be worthwhile to check the S.M.A.R.T. status of the drive as well.

Check RAM usage in htop. Maybe the SQL is eating up most of it. Add swap. There’s a post I did on the forum. You can check it out how to make swap.