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ERPNext v13 changes? What should we expect?

So far I’ve found one single topic about a v13 change here, and while there’s a whole commit history I would imagine that new features have to be settling down at this point. I’m wavering on whether to start with v13 on a new project since go-live is a couple months out, or if I need to be conservative, only I simply don’t have a clue what’s new.

Also, would it be possible to update the downloadable virtual images with branch and build dates?

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You can expect more news about ERPNext v13 this month, stay tuned!


There would not be major changes to any ERP project on the way. I don’t think the implementation should be given any time to cool off.
Moreover, the newly introduced features may add some uncertainty to the cutover so I would go with the last stable release as long as there is no obvious showstopper to choose the last version.

Out of an abundance of caution I have discovered that operating on a previous version when going live is always a good idea. Once settled, you can use a copy of your production instance to rehearse updating to the new version. We did this with a customer this year and had no problems whatsoever. we are still in pre-production but heavily developing several customizations.


You mean, first phase you implement version N-1 since version N is still not stable. Operating for one year (more or less) then you proceed for an upgrade right?

I think even recent versions can be very stable, but if you have development and auditing processes happening concurrently an n-1 strategy might be your ticket. Another option is to lag n-.2 or n-.5 versions behind.

Once you are comfortable backing up and restoring databases from server to server, the version thing is not too much of an issue, and we seem to flow “naturally” between N-.2 all the way up to n-1.
Doing n-3+ will have you missing great new features.

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I did decide to just start with 12, the risk of an unfinished feature being ripped out or a big change landing and making the whole system fail is too high. It’ll be in development for a bit anyway; once the 13 beta/rc comes along I’ll see how badly I want any new features. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, so I’ll probably try to keep a stable and next after that, and report or help out if anything comes up.

Particularly waiting for document management, or improving in quality.

For example, I would like to open word documents, as SOP, inside the ERPNext, with the user restrictions applied…

In ERPNext v13 and next releases, I expect better reports for Education Module such as those suggested Report Card Generation for each student Suggestion for assessment result in Erpnext schools module as well as in Suggestions/Fixes for Assessment Result Tool #8737.

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January ended, when could we hear the news?

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