ERPNext v12 barcode scan

Hi there… i’m using erpnext v12.24.0
When I try add item using barcode scan… the camera its not open… should I setting firts ?

Please help…

There should be an issue with your security settings. Try to allow camera for that site.

Thaks for your reply… but how to allow camera without asking permission. Or how to add more site allowed using camera on chrome ?

Coz there are no notification when I try using camera

Theres no camera permission on the chrome

I have this setting in Firefox.

probably theres an error in javascript, you can try to force website to ask for Camera permissions using the following JS in the address bar:
javascript:navigator.getUserMedia({video: true, audio: false}, function(mediaStream) {}, function(err){});void(0)

Or use different browser like firefox to check if it solv the problem

@TurkerTunali and @PyJumper

thank you very much for taking the time to answer… may you always be given healthy

In what doctype does the scan barcode exist?

Delivery Note has it. And there are some other documents also.